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This plugin configures your WordPress site to be an optimized source for Gatsby.

See https://github.com/gatsbyjs/gatsby-source-wordpress-experimental for more info.

Official Plugin

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Gatsby and gatsby-source-wordpress are released under the MIT license. Follow @gatsbyjs


WPGatsby is a free open-source WordPress plugin that optimizes your WordPress site to work as a data source for Gatsby.

This plugin must be used in combination with the npm package gatsby-source-wordpress@^4.0.0.

Install and Activation

WPGatsby is available on the WordPress.org repository and can be installed from your WordPress dashboard, or by using any other plugin installation method you prefer, such as installing with Composer from wpackagist.org.

Plugin Overview

This plugin has 2 primary responsibilities:

Additionally, WPGatsby has a settings page to connect your WordPress site with your Gatsby site: