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WPGraphQL for Carbon Fields

This FREE plugin from @matepaiva exposes fields registered using Carbon Fields to the WPGraphQL Schema

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A Wordpress wrapper to expose Carbon Fields to WpGraphQL queries.


This is just the first version. There is a lot of work to be done. This packages exposes all the fields of the container, if the container type is post_meta, term_meta, user_meta, comment_meta or theme_options.

Note: This is a very experimental version, so it is probably shipped with bugs.


  1. First you have to install Carbon Fields and WpGraphQL.
  2. Then install this package via packagist: composer require matepaiva/wp-graphql-crb
  3. Wrap every Carbon Field container that you want to expose via GraphQL with the static method WpGraphQLCrb\Container::register. For example:
  1. Now the query below will work:

About Theme Options

Theme options are not part of any structure already known by Wordpress, so it has its own root. Every theme_options fields will be displayed in GraphQL as direct children of crb_ThemeOptions. Be carefull about name collision.