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WPGraphQL for Custom Post Type UI

This FREE plugin adds settings to Custom Post Type UI allowing you to set which Post Types and Taxonomies registered by CPTUI should display in the WPGraphQL Schema.

Official Plugin

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🚀 Custom Post Type UI v1.9.0 introduced formal support for WPGraphQL!!!

👋 With that, this plugin is being deprecated and will no longer be maintained.

👉 We recommend upgrading to v1.9.0+ of Custom Post Type UI.

📝 If you have issues with Custom Post Type UI showing Post Types / Taxonomies in WPGraphQL, open an issue on the Custom Post Type UI repo or the WPGraphQL repo and we'll help get it sorted.

WPGraphQL for Custom Post Type UI

Install this plugin along with WPGraphQL and Custom Post Type UI and you will have settings to show your Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies in GraphQL.