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WPGraphQL for Posts 2 Posts

This FREE plugin from @KellenMace of @harness_up automatically creates GraphQL connections for all of your Posts 2 Posts connections.

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📄↔📄 WPGraphQL for Posts 2 Posts

WordPress plugin that creates GraphQL connections for all of your Posts 2 Posts connections.


  • All registered Posts 2 Posts connections will be automatically added as connections in the GraphQL schema.
  • The field for each in the GraphQL schema will be the name of the Posts 2 Post connection, converted to camelCase and with the word "Connection" appended to it. So if the Posts 2 Posts connection is registered as projects_to_managers, the field in the GraphQL schema will be named projectsToManagersConnection (see the example below).
  • Supports posts


Let's say you have registered a Posts 2 Posts connection between the project custom post type on your site and the user object, like this:

With this plugin activated, you can query for the users connected to projects, like this:

You can also query from the other direction, and get the projects connected to users, like this:

Minimum Software Requirements

Future Enhancements

  1. Register a where arg for each post type/user object so you can query to find posts/users that are connected to them.
  2. Expose connection metadata as edge fields in the GraphQL schema.
  3. Register input fields for the create & update mutations so you can update the connections.

I think the input fields for #3 will end up looking something like this: