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WPGraphQL for SEOPress

This FREE plugin from @moon_meister exposes data managed by SEOPress to the WPGraphQL Schema, allowing for SEO data to be used in your headless applications.

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WPGraphQl Yoast SEO Plugin

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WPGraphQl Yoast SEO Plugin

Please note version 14 of the Yoast Plugin is a major update.

If you are stuck on version of Yoast before V14 then use v3 of this plugin.

This is an extension to the WPGraphQL plugin (https://github.com/wp-graphql/wp-graphql) that returns Yoast SEO data.

Using this plugin? I would love to see what you make with it. 😃 @ash_hitchcock

Currently returning SEO data for:

  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Custom post types
  • Products (WooCommerce)
  • Categories
  • Custom taxonomies
  • WooCommerce Products
  • Yoast Configuration
    • Webmaster verification
    • Social profiles
    • Schemas
    • Breadcrumbs

If there is any Yoast data that is not currently returned, please raise an issue so we can add it to the roadmap.

Quick Install

  • Install from the WordPress Plugin Directory
  • Clone or download the zip of this repository into your WordPress plugin directory & activate the WP GraphQL Yoast SEO plugin
  • Install & activate WPGraphQL


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Please note canonicals will not be returned if you have the discourage search engines option turned on in your WordPress settings.

V4 breaking change

Plugin now requires at least Yoast 14.0.0

V3 breaking change

Image urls are now returned as mediaItem type.

This applies to twitterImage and opengraphImage

Usage with Gatsby

Checkout the companion Gatsby plugin to add in Metadata and JSON LD schema with ease.


To query for the Yoast Data simply add the seo object to your query:

Post Type Data

Post Taxonomy Data

User Data

Edge and Page Info Data

Yoast Config Data


Open an issue

Twitter: @ash_hitchcock

Please Note: Yoast and WPGraphQL and their logos are copyright to their respective owners.