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WPGraphQL Meta

This FREE plugin from @robertorourke exposes meta registered via the WordPress register_meta API to WPGraphQL

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WP GraphQL Meta

This plugin is an add-on for the awesome WP GraphQL

It builds on top of both WP GraphQL and the REST API. Any meta data you register using register_meta() will be available to retrieve in your results. You get your data in the REST API and GraphQL at the same time.


  1. Make sure that WP GraphQL is installed and activated first.
  2. Upload this repo (or git clone) to your plugins folder and activate it.


Your theme or other plugins may use meta data to add custom functionality. That data or functionality can be beneficial / required for a front end or other app that consumes your API.

NOTE: If you use WPGraphQL\Types instance the built in REST API will ignore the field.