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WPGraphQL Persisted Queries

This FREE plugin from @qz adds the ability to use Persisted Queries with WPGraphQL.

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WPGraphQL Persisted Queries

Persisted GraphQL queries allow a GraphQL client to optimistically send a hash of the query instead of the full query; if the server has seen the query before, it can satisfy the request. This saves network overhead and makes it possible to move to GET requests instead of POST. The primary benefit of GET requests is that they can be cached at the edge (e.g., with Varnish).

This plugin requires WPGraphQL 0.2.0 or newer.


Apollo Client provides an easy implementation of persisted queries:


This plugin aims to be compatible with that implementation, but will work with any client that sends a queryId alongside the query. Make sure your client also sends operationName or operation_name with the optimistic request.


When the client provides a query hash or ID, that query will be persisted in a custom post type. By default, this post type will not be visible in the dashboard.

Query IDs are case-insensitive (i.e., MyQuery and myquery are equivalent).


This plugin does nothing to implement, amend, or purge page (edge) caching. It is up to you to make page caching work for you. Remember that WPGraphQL has a single monolithic endpoint at /graphql and persisted query requests will arrive as GET requests to that endpoint with unique query strings. Cache wisely!



  • Default: 'graphql_query'
  • The custom post type used to persist queries. If empty, queries will not be persisted.


  • Args passed to registerposttype for custom post type. Filter to expose the custom post type in the admin UI or in GraphQL:


  • Default: null
  • Override the default query loading implementation.


  • Override the query (post data) that will be persisted.