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WPGraphQL Polylang

This FREE plugin from @esamatti and team at @ValuDigital extends the WPGraphQL schema with language data from the popular Polylang plugin.

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WPGraphQL Polylang Extension

Extend WPGraphQL schema with language data from the Polylang plugin.


For posts and terms (custom ones too!)

  • Adds language and translations fields
  • Filter with a language where argument
  • Set the language on create and update mutations
  • Show all translations in the api by default
    • Polylang patches the WP Query to only list items with the current default language. This plugin reverts that for the GraphQL api
  • ACF Options Pages support

Root queries

  • defaultLanguage get the current default language
  • languages list all configured languages


  • Filter menu items by language

For details please refer to the generated docs in GraphiQL.


Example showing all features


  • PHP 7.2 or later
  • WPGraphQL 0.13.x or later
  • Polylang 2.6.5 or later
    • The free version is enough
    • If you get the PRO version the pro features such as translated slugs will work too


If you use composer you can install it from Packagist

Otherwise you can clone it from Github to your plugins using the stable branch

ACF Options Pages

In addition to WPGraphQL and Polylang plugins you'll need these plugins too

You can install the free plugins using Composer. You'll need to have the WordPress Packagist repository enabled.

When registering the Options Page you must pass in show_in_graphql and graphql_field_name arguments.


You can find us from the WPGraphQL Slack on the #polylang channel.


But I'm using WPML?!

There's rburgst/wp-graphql-wpml.

Or you might want to checkout migration docs