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Recipes: Custom Post Types

Add Edit Link to All Post Types

The following snippet shows how to add the “Edit” link as a GraphQL field to all post types:

Custom FieldsCustom Post TypesPosts

Register Connection to Attached Media

This code shows how to register a connection to attached media in WPGraphQL

Register object and field for custom list of users

The following code creates an object type called StuntPerformer and creates a field on the RootQuery called stuntPerformers that returns a custom list of users.

Tag to Content Node Connection

The following code registers a connection from Tags to ContentNodes. A field name called contentNodes will be added to the Tag type to make it easy to view all Posts that are tagged with that specific term.

List of Key Values

This is an example showing how to return a list of keys and values where the keys and values are both strings.

Popular Posts

The following code allows you to query for popular posts. It’s still up to you to determine the best way to store popular posts, but this example assumes a meta_key is involved. Beware though, meta queries can be expensive!